Halloween 2016

Come watch our Halloween parade and join us in our songfest on

            Thursday, October 27th or Friday, October 28th

It should be a grand day for all!!  Here’s the plan:

  1. All Children should arrive at St. David’s Episcopal Day School in costume. If your child is in morning Extended Care, please leave his/her props (masks, swords, magic wands, wings, etc.) in his/her cubby.
  1. Bring a change of clothes for your child and leave them in his/her cubby, sneakers, too be sure all items are labeled.
  1. After you drop off your child at his/her classroom, join us in the gym! There will be refreshments and  chairs for your wait (unless your classroom teacher has asked you to help)!
  1. The children will parade into the gym, around 9:15, circle the rug that will be at the front – so you can take some photos and then they will gather to sing some of the songs they have been practicing this month.
  1. When they are finished, they will return to their rooms – where some are having their parties and some are simply changing to get on with the rest of the day! Check with your child’s teacher for more specific celebration plans!


Thursday, Oct. 27th                             Friday, Oct. 28th                   

Rooms: 1,2,3,5                               Rooms: 1,3,4,6